Our firm was formed primarily to solve the problems of closely held businesses, the owners of such businesses, and business executives in the following areas of law below.

We do not offer certain specialized services such as residential real estate, patent, trademark, copyright, criminal, collection, personal injury, or domestic representation. We do serve our clients by assisting them to secure quality legal representation in these areas. When needed, we work with specialists to help give our client the best representation possible.

Estate Planning, Wills & Trusts

We can assist you with estate planning, reduction of estate taxation, and the administration of trusts and decedents’ estates, including post-mortem estate tax planning.

Dispute Resolution

We offer dispute resolution either through negotiation, arbitration, mediation, or litigation, including representation before the Internal Revenue Service, tax litigation, probate litigation, commercial and corporate litigation.

Business Law

Our attorneys are skilled in the formation, operation, and termination of closely held businesses, including corporations, partnerships, and limited liability companies, both commercial and professional.

Contract Law

We provide services in contract law, employment law, heath care law, health care practice management, and commercial real estate law, including preparation and review of documents, negotiation, financings, and closings.

Tax & Transactional Planning

We assist clients through proper tax planning to legitimately reduce the tax consequences or increase the tax benefits resulting from numerous transactions.

Attorney Ethics & Responsibilities

We represent attorneys in matters of misconduct under the Virginia State Bar Rules of Professional Conduct and the Unauthorized Practice of Law (UPL) Rules.